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Monday’s Food 10/26/09

Posted in Food by fragosolucky on October 27, 2009
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Breakfast was scrambled eggs with a scoop of guacamole (the already prepared tub from TJ’s).  Lunch was chicken salad: diced chicken breast, chopped apple, chopped up broccoli slaw, chopped up green cabbage, slivered almonds, little mayo, olive oil, vinegar, and black pepper.  Dinner was meatballs from TJ’s.  They finally started carrying gluten-free meatballs in the section where the fresh meat is.  There is some dairy in the meatballs, but for a quick dinner, it worked.  Put the meatballs in the crockpot with some frozen bell pepper and onion mix and a can of organic marinara.  Snack idea: roll turkey around whatever you have – pictured is a few options. Turkey with guacamole and pecans, or with cabbage and pickles, or with artichoke hearts.  Cherry tomatoes are also good.


Our Food – Oct 23rd

Posted in Food,MealPlan by fragosolucky on October 23, 2009
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Coby made bacon and eggs for breakfast – does it look like a 14 year old made it? : ) I just love it that he cooks!! I always have hard boiled eggs handy for snacks, Rowan loves them! Lunch was a chicken salad with leftover bacon, apples, celery, walnuts, mayo, olive oil, vinegar, and pepper. Dinner was stuffed bell peppers in the crockpot: Ground beef, pork sausage, onion, carrots, celery, can of tomatoes, cumin, oregano, basil, pepper, sea salt, garlic, olive oil. Mix it all(use your hands, its easier), cut the tops off the peppers, pull the seeds out, stuff the bad boys, pour a little chicken broth in the bottom of the crockpot to keep them moist, and set on low all day. 20 minutes to prep, dinner ready when you get home. Serve with some sort of veggies on the side if you like.